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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need you to host my DNS? How do I set it up?

We do not need to host your DNS, but you would need to at least change your name servers to point to ours. Please check your Welcome Email for the information on your name servers. Not everyone shares the same servers, so please check the package or email

If you feel comfortable running your own DNS, let us know and we’ll provide the info you need to enter for various record settings.


Does hosting include the domain name registration?

No—these are completely separate. We do it this way so that you are free to host your domain wherever you wish.

Your domain is yours, always. You aren’t tied to our service in any way.


How do I transfer my domain registration?

This PDF should hopefully clarify some of the issues involved in transfering a domain:

When you transfer a domain these are the steps:

— Fill out the form.

— Get a confirmation the process has begun.

— If the email you used for the transfer does not match the email originally associated with the domain, you will be given the opportunity to change it.

— You will get a note from your registrar saying someone asked you to move, and they will beg you to stay and promise you that their higher prices are better than anyone else’s lower prices.

— Follow the email’s instructions, otherwise.

— Wait.

— You will get an email from your old registrar saying ‘goodbye’.

— You will get an email from our registrar saying ‘hello’.

— There is some variation based on your registrar, but that is the basic path it takes.

*note: registrars are allowed per ICANN rulles to refuse domain registration transfers within 30-60 days of renewal. So make sure your domain still has time left before switching.


When will my domain resolve?

If you have just signed up and used our partner service for domains, your site will resolve immediately. If you are updating name servers for your existing domain, this can take up to 7 days to propagate worldwide. You may be able to hasten this by rebooting your PC or by going to the command line (in Windows) and typing

ipconfig /flushdns

(since most ISPs cache DNS, this will flush that).


For any questions or comments, please email

Register Your Domain

(hosting not required)

.com domains — $12.14
.org domains — $14.40

.net domains — $11.91
.info domains — $13.49
.biz domains — $17.99

In addition, .info .ws .tv .cc .jp .be . plus hundreds more TLD domains are now available!

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