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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not sure what plan to signup for; can I upgrade later?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan at anytime. If you are on the monthly payment plan, your next month’s bill will reflect the change. If you pay yearly, you just need to pay the pro-rated difference. For example, if you signed up for Plan 2 but after 6 months you decided you were growing and needed the size of Plan 1, you would just pay an additional $23 – that is the difference between the plans ($154 – $108 = $46) / 2 (since it is only for half the year) = $23 .


Why do I have to wait 24 hours before my account is activated?

POE Hosting is a community and we want to see who are new neighbors are going to be. If we see your domain name is “” and your company name is “Bulk Email Cheap and Dirty, Inc.”, we will decline your offer to be hosted with us. As a community, this is a virtual neighborhood. We let almost everybody in our neighborhood, but we do not allow spam-friendly or porn sites. In the long run, this manual checking helps everyone hosted by POE Hosting.

And we like to under-promise and over-deliver: most sites are set up within just a few minutes of ordering.


Can I host multiple sites/domains with a single account?

Yes, with Plan 0. The additional domains will not have email, however: for that we request a separate account. With any other account we can alias the extra domains to your main site (good if you have both the .com and .org version of your URL).

Simply let us know which additional domains you want pointed to your space and we’ll set them up.


I haven't received my Welcome Packet yet! IT'S BEEN 24 HOURS

Check your email client’s/ISP’s spam filters (we’re looking at you, AOL and Hotmail). The Welcome Packet contains links and hosting info that often triggers a false spam positive.

Also make sure that you provided a valid, registered domain name (remember: domain registrations are separate, but a domain name IS required).


For any questions or comments, please email

Register Your Domain

(hosting not required)

.com domains — $12.14
.org domains — $14.40

.net domains — $11.91
.info domains — $13.49
.biz domains — $17.99

In addition, .info .ws .tv .cc .jp .be . plus hundreds more TLD domains are now available!

Check for Availability

Get Your Secure Cert

SSL secure certificates w/static IP address available! Simply email us and let us know!


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