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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has POE Hosting been in the hosting business?

We started hosting our first websites in March, 2002. Prior to that we had been individually developing and hosting websites since mid-1997.


Why don't you provide a 1-800 number?

We provide a myriad of contact options: email, IM and the live help on the web site. Providing a toll-free number would require raising prices—something we have never done.


What if I exceed my bandwidth quota?

If you are occasionally going over bandwidth by a small amount, it is not a big deal. We’re happy that our customers have popular sites, and we generally will not suspend a site for heavy traffic.

Obviously if you are hosting the latest movie trailers and are going over by 10gb, we are going to have to talk. Or if you are consistently over and on one of our smaller plans, we will ask you upgrade to a plan with greater bandwidth (or we can work out a custom solution).

If you know you are going to be going over, let us know in advance so we have more wiggle room. We want to help you grow your site.


For any questions or comments, please email

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.biz domains — $17.99

In addition, .info .ws .tv .cc .jp .be . plus hundreds more TLD domains are now available!

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